Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sometimes I Feel Like Kermit The Frog

...It ain't easy, and I'm not even green. I swear the title actually has something (funny) to do with this post. What a week it has been, and it's only Wednesday! 

I last left off talking about how my Garmin watch had frozen and would not work at all during my run on Monday. Monday night I had my watching sitting by my sliding glass door in hopes that it would actually set the time by GPS. I picked it up later before I went to bed and it had worked! There was a glimmer of hope!

I grabbed my watch on the way out the door this morning so I could try it again. After work, Linda and I went out for our run around the neighborhood. We decided to expand our run a little bit, and I certainly didn't mind because the weather was gorgeous! (And when I say gorgeous, we're talking upstate new york, so 50 degrees and sunny with a little breeze is a heat wave for us!) I turned my watch on and had it start to find our location the moment I step outside the hospital. It never found our location until over a mile into our run. I'm not really sure what to think about it, maybe it took a while to find our location because it was the first time trying since I was actually able to reset the time... I'm not sure. Back to the run, Linda and I ran just under 2.5 miles. It's been so great having a running buddy to run with after work! She and I have a very similar mentality - we both agree if we don't run right after work, the odds of getting out after we get home is slim. Plus, I LOVE having someone to talk to during the run, it makes the time and miles go by faster. Not to mention the safety factor, since we're running near the city, it's nice to be with someone if something happens.

About a mile into our run, I could already feel my hands swelling. Today I was very mindful of making sure I kept them moving and in different positions, even clinching my fists and relaxing my hands. I even made the comment to Linda when I was waving my arms in the air above my head that I felt like Kermit the Frog when we waves his arms and screams. Picturing this in my head as we were running made me laugh! Then I came home and found this, it's too perfect:

(No joke, I probably looked just like this during our run, haha)

We got back to the hospital and walked back into the Cardiology department. Just as we were walking in, one of the cardiologists was coming out of our break room. Linda told him to look at my hands. I showed him how swollen they were and told him we only ran 2.5 miles, and imagine how they looked after running 13.1 miles. He took one look at them and immediately told me I need a calcium channel blocker, Linda agreed. Now I have even more to talk to my cardiologist about. I am SO thankful I work in the cardiology field, I've learned a lot about myself. Next time they swell, I NEED to take a picture of them.

Back to the Garmin for a hot second, I bit the bullet the other day and ordered a new Garmin any way. I decided on the Garmin Forerunner 220 with the heart rate monitor. I figured the heart rate monitor could not hurt. I'm really excited to get my new watch, and I received notification that it shipped today!

Next tid bit (I need to get better at my segues). Last week Raw Threads did an April Fools Mystery Pack sale. The deals were so great! If you've never purchased anything from them, they are truly the softest shirts I've ever felt. The thing about the Mystery Packs was you ordered a pack in a certain style and/or category. I personally chose the T-shirts villains mystery pack. The packs were sorted by T-shirts, tanks, racer back tanks, headbands and hoodies. Then you could choose a total mystery pack, a good girls mystery pack, fairy mystery pack and/or villains mystery pack. The only options you needed to select was which pack and what size you wanted. Raw Threads did the rest. The picked out 3 random shirts, tanks, etc in the category you selected and mailed them to you. They did not take requests for specific characters, and since the deal was so great, they also are not accepting returns. Well, mine came in the mail today, and I love my selection! I really hope they do this sale again in the future, it seemed very popular!!

This weekend I'll be heading to State College, PA for my Alma Mater's (Penn State) spring football weekend, better known as Blue and White weekend. I've been looking forward to this weekend since my last trip down to visit my friends. Not only is it our spring football weekend, but on Sunday there is a 5K race to benefit the Special Olympics of Pennsylvania. The race is the Paterno Family Beaver Stadium Run, and it is a blast!!

(Dani and me before last years Beaver Stadium run)

The 5K starts outside Beaver Stadium, loops around the campus (which is beautiful, if you've never been there), and leads you back to Beaver Stadium where you get to run through the tunnel into the stadium and finish on the 50 yard line of the football field. I can't think of a better way to finish a great weekend at what I consider to be the happiest place on earth (after all, it is called Happy Valley). I know some will argue with me that Disney is the happiest place on earth, but in my heart, Penn State always comes first, and Disney is a close second (and believe me, I will have PLENTY to post about Disney).

Chances are I won't have time to post before I leave for the weekend. I hope everyone has a great weekend (I know I will), and I'll post about my weekend and race recap once I get back!

QOTD: Where's your happy place? Is it somewhere people would never guess?

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