Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2015 WDW Marathon Weekend

Yeah, so this happened today...

(Registration for the 2015 WDW Marathon Weekend opened today at noon!)

More or less on a whim, I registered for the WDW Half Marathon today when registration opened to the public at noon. Even though I'm an Annual Passholder, and was able to register last week, there was a reason I waited. My friends from college mentioned to me last month that they wanted to take a trip to Disney, some haven't been since they were little, and others haven't been at all. So I could not have been more excited when they mentioned a trip, and we tentatively decided on the marathon weekend to visit. Last week, I messaged my friends to see what they were thinking about the trip, and if it was something they still wanted to do. In the end it is, so of course I could not help myself and registered for the half. I waited until today to register to make sure my friends really wanted to go, so when registration opened at noon, I was right on it! I'm also excited about the Donald Duck medal, he is my favorite character!

At this time the Dopey Challenge, 10K and 5K races are all sold out. The Half marathon is 85% full and the Marathon is 50% full. No update on the Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge which surprises me as it's an anniversary year, and the medal is pretty cool!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Easter holiday! My last post left off as I was leaving to meet my family for Easter, and we were going shopping. My parents gave me money for Easter to spend at the outlet mall, and I really wanted to buy a Nike+ Sportwatch. As luck would have it, I walked into the Nike store and they had the exact Sportwatch I wanted - the white watch with teal accents!

(It's so pretty!)

I was SO excited that they had this watch, and I can't wait until things are clear to start running again (which I'll update you on all of that in my next post)! Even though there have been rumors that Nike is pulling their wearable products and just sticking to the Nike+ Software, it didn't deter me from the watch. I really like that it has the ability for me to use it outside with the GPS and also inside on the treadmill with the Nike+ pod.

The Easter Bunny was also nice to me this year:

(Who doesn't like to color?!)

Yes, I got a Frozen coloring book, the little golden book version of Frozen, and some cookie dough cream eggs! I am a total 5 year old, and you better believe I was excited opening this!

QOTD: Did you register for one (or more than one) of the races during the WDW Marathon Weekend today?