Saturday, May 31, 2014

Color Run Recap

I apologize for the delay in posting my Color Run recap from last weekend! The Color Run is also known as the happiest 5K on the planet, and justifiably so. I'm sure you've heard about it, but for those of you who may not have, the Color Run is an un-timed 5K in which participants run through various color stations along the 5K course and get doused in a rainbow of colors. The color that is tossed at you is not paint, but colored cornstarch. The Color Run in my area also benefits Teens Living with Cancer.

This past winter I asked a lot of friends and coworkers if they would be interested in running the Color run, and they all agreed it sounded like fun. So, last Saturday we all ran the Color run together! Before we could run, I had to prepare, and by prepare, I mean make tutus for my coworkers and myself!

(Cutting 11 yards of material required a glass of wine...)

(All the tulle finally cut)

(Starting to make progress on the tutus)

Cutting the tulle takes the longest when making tutus, but once that's done, looping the tulle onto the elastic goes fast. I found the instructions on pinterest through another running blog, and since then have made a lot of tutus for races!

(Who doesn't love a tutu?!)

Saturday morning finally rolled around and I was beyond excited to be running a race with so many friends and coworkers! I always get so excited when I can share my love for something with others around me. I rode to the Color run with 3 of my other friends - in the pre-race e-mail we received it said parking would be limited, so we thought it would be best to meet and carpool.

We all met before the race so we could try and stay together during the run. Of course we could not start the color run without taking some "before" pictures while we were all still clean in our white!

(Getting ready to run!)

(Melissa and me before her FIRST 5K!)

(Let's take a selfie!)

The race started, and we made our way into the starting chute. There were so many runners that they started the runners off in waves (which is typical to avoid congestion). Before I knew it we were off! Surprisingly the race went by SO quickly!! It honestly didn't feel like a 5K, but I think it was because we were all having so much fun running together that we were distracted from the actual running.

The course itself was nice, and it started and finished at the baseball stadium. The majority of the course was flat, and looped through some of the main streets in the city. The color stations seemed like they were spread out evenly along the course (as you can see by the course map below). You could tell when we were coming up on a color station as the air around the area was filled with that stations specific color. As I stated before, the color they toss at you is colored cornstarch, so what I told my friends that had not done the run before, it's best if you can hold your breath as you run through the stations. This way you're not inhaling a lot of the color.

The one negative thing I do have the point out, was that the map showed two water stations along the course, but I only remember running by one. Not that it was super hot out, it was actually quite cool when we started the race, but it warmed up quickly, so I would have appreciated another water station.

After crossing the finish line of the race, the volunteers hand everyone a color packet, and you're invited to the post race color party. Last year I learned my lesson not to get caught in the middle of that. So this year my friends and I enjoyed tossing our color packets on each other. We were also given bottles of water (thank god!), and I think there may have been Kind bars, but I didn't grab one. 

(Post race color party)

(Gotta love a good action shot!)

A few of us ended up getting separated during the run, but we were all able to meet back up after the run. We hung around the post race party for a while singing and dancing, and this also gave us plenty of time for photos!

(With some of my wonderful coworkers)

(Melissa, Samantha and me)

 (Melissa and me after her first 5K - SUCCESS!)

(We're a colorful bunch)

A small forewarning if you are considering doing the Color run: your hands will more than likely be covered in the color, and the colored cornstarch will also seep through your sneakers and socks onto your feet. 

(Exhibit A - gross!)

The clean up is a little tricky. I scrubbed and scrubbed in the shower, and I could not for the life of me get all the colored cornstarch off my hands and feet. Over the course of the weekend the color finally washed off, but it took a little time. You will also need to clean color out of your ears and nose (gross, I know). 

I know people have mixed feelings about novelty runs like the Color Run for various reasons. Some runners don't like them because some novelty races are not timed (the Color run is not timed), they are too crowded, they think they're silly, the list goes on. Honestly, I think novelty runs like the Color Run are great, and necessary. While we were running, I noticed a wide variety of people participating in the race. There were runners of every age, every fitness level, and every shape and size. It made me really happy to know that races like the Color run encourage people to come out and have fun all while doing something good for themselves. All in all, if you don't mind crowds or getting a little messy, I highly recommend the Color Run, it truly is the happiest 5K on the planet. This was my second year running it, and I've had a blast both times!

QOTD: What's your opinion on Novelty races like the Color Run? If you've run the Color run before, do you have any tips for running the race, or tricks for cleanup after the race?

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