Friday, May 9, 2014

I'm A Much Happier Person When I Get What I Want

Aren't we all though? Now that I've started running again, I've been a MUCH happier person. It hasn't hurt that the weather has been gorgeous here the past few days. I just cannot begin to explain how much happier I am when I am able to run, now I just have to keep myself from going crazy.

Monday Linda and I decided to pick back up running after work. It was such a beautiful day, and I found myself taking my jacket off after a few minutes. We ran down by the park where the Lilac festival will be held, and we noticed that they were starting to get things around for that (which starts today). We also noticed, now that it's been a little warmer, the trees are starting to bud and the flowers are blooming. It's FINALLY spring! There were also so many people out, it was great!! We did our usual 2.5 miles, only we decided to switch our route up for a change of scenery.

Tuesday evening my friend, Nita asked me if I would be interested in joining her for a Team RWB meet up on Wednesday evening. How could I say no to that? She had mentioned it to me previously, however, with my hands I could not go, but was definitely interested. Usually I run with Linda on Wednesdays, but I asked her if she minded we switch our days so I could go do this, and she didn't mind at all. Wednesday after work I met Nita at her house and we drove to the meet up together. At first we didn't see anyone so we decided we'd just run on our own, and at least get our miles in. We started to jog across the parking lot and Nita spotted two girls wearing Team RWB shirts. We jogged over to them and introduced ourselves, and they were very welcoming!

The four of us jogged up to an island just below the reservoir where they typically run, and chatted along the way. They asked us how we had heard about team RWB, how we ended up in the area, etc. Once we made it to the island, they mentioned that everyone usually does their own thing as far as the evening run, but then everyone meets back up at the island around 6:45 to walk back down to the parking area together.

Nita and I took off up toward the reservoir and decided to do a 2 minute run to 1 minute walk interval, and would just do a continuous loop around the reservoir. We both agreed we weren't ready for the hilly loop around the reservoir! I estimated that one loop around the reservoir was roughly between 1/2 and 3/4 of a mile, just judging by what my Garmin had said before and after one loop. The view of the city from up by the reservoir is also amazing! Again, there were a lot of people out in the area. There were kickball and softball leagues, there were yoga classes, and tons of people running, biking or walking their dogs. Before we knew it, it was time to meet back up with the girls, and cool down during our walk back to where we had parked. On our way back down the girls had mentioned that there are times during the summer after they run that they order a pizza, or have a cookout at the park, so I'll definitely be looking forward to that. (Who doesn't want pizza after they run?! Seems counter intuitive, but who cares.)

Nita and me after our first Team RWB meet-up: all smiles!

Today Linda and I are going to go out and run after work since we didn't go on Wednesday. We decided we would just play it by ear each week and decide what days we want to run. A few of my co-workers went outside for lunch and said it was gorgeous! I checked the weather channel on my phone and they weren't lying!

I can't believe it's 86 here!

I had heard the weather was going to be in the 70's today for our run, and decided last night to pack a brand new pair of Under Armour running shorts that a bought Easter weekend to wear. I'm excited to try them out, especially in this weather (I need to enjoy it while it lasts)!! I also hope that Linda and I can run down by the festival that started today. My coworkers said it was crazy busy at lunch time. Today is also the first day that I remembered to bring to Loratadine to take before my run, so I will report back about that next week. The last 3 runs (Saturday, Monday & Wednesday) I completely forgot, and my hands swelled up. My hands swelled up pretty bad on Wednesday evening during our run, I'm really not sure what the difference was between the 3 runs that made them swell up so bad on Wednesday. Either way, we shall see if this works.

This weekend I'm off for a Bachelorette wine tour with my brothers fiance, should be fun! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

QOTD: Are you in a specific running group or club? Do they do fun socials other than running related events?

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