Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014

I can honestly say that this has been one of the best Memorial Day's I've had in a while. It was my first weekend spent at home in 7 weeks, the weather was perfect, and it was filled with friends and fun!

Friday I got home from work and had a package waiting for me! Unfortunately, it arrived like this...

(Seriously, is this how packages are "handled" these days?)

It was my Team runDisney shirts!! Fortunately, they arrived undamaged even though the package looked like it had traveled to hell and back.

(Yay for happy mail!)

I just love these shirts, I'll definitely have to order more in the future! Off topic, but I also need to order a Team RWB shirt and Sweaty Band when they're re-stocked.

Friday evening I went to see Godzilla, and it was amazing! I have never seen any of the Godzilla movies that have been out in the past, so I din't have anything to compare this one to. However, I'm not sure you could even compare this against the others, it was so good! I highly recommend seeing it if you haven't already.

Saturday morning was the Color Run, and I ran that with friends and co-workers (which I'll recap later this week). After the color run, my friend, Nita and I decided to grab a bite to eat. After last years color run we went to Moe's for burritos, but I think the race started earlier this year, as we were done before 9:30. So we decided on breakfast, and went to a Bruegger's. Thankfully, we were not the only two who had this idea after the Color Run. There were a handful of people in there splashed in a rainbow of colors from the run. During the time we were there, more color runners came and went. I opted for a plain bagel with plain cream cheese and a lemonade. Yummy!

I got home, and showered immediately to try and get all the color off. I could not for the life of me get all of it off my hands and feet (I'll post pictures of that in my Color Run recap). After my shower, it had warmed up and it was absolutely gorgeous out, so I went out on my deck to lounge with Coco and finish my lemonade.

(Notice how gross my toes still look from the color?!)

Coco had been grounded from her tennis ball for a few incidents that resulted in damaged furniture (and not just my own). I was feeling nice, and I decided that since we were outside I would give her a Tennis ball to play with, I figured there was nothing she could destroy outside. She was one happy poodle, fetch is her all time favorite game!

(Break time, it's hot out!)

Saturday afternoon I went to a friends house and we decided to drive out to the lake to have dinner and drinks. Not surprising, it was packed! There we no tables available, and they were all first come first serve, so we had to stalk out a table and wait. We were lucky enough to snag a table right on the water once a couple left, and our view for dinner was gorgeous!

(A girl could get used to this!)

Dinner was delicious, and we had a great time relaxing and catching up on life. We stayed there until dark, then decided to walk along the water to let our dinner settle.

Sunday I didn't have any big plans during the day, but a friend came over in the evening for dinner. We grilled steaks, and I also made pasta and cut up veggies for salad. Let me just say, I am not the world's greatest cook, but for my first time grilling steaks without my dads help, I did a pretty good job! After dinner we took Coco for a walk around the neighborhood I live in, and then watched a movie. A low key night, but it was just what I needed after being on the road the previous 7 weekends!

Yesterday I was supposed to go to a local park/beach, but those plans fell through. I can't complain though, I got a lot of work done around the house, and it felt great! It opened up the rest of the week to do things in the evening, which are actually filling up quickly!

QOTD: How did you celebrate this Memorial Day weekend? Did you kick off the weekend with a race or training run?

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