Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dumbo Double Dare Training Update

It's been a few weeks since my last post, and believe me, I have been busy! Last week my dog was sick for 3 days, but she is finally back to herself! Then this past weekend was my brother's wedding (which was a blast!), but now it's time to get back to business.

I am happy to report, though, that even though I have been busy with a lot over the past few months, my training has remained right on schedule! (Woo hoo!) I have been following the Dumbo Double Dare Training plan on the runDisney website, and it's definitely a plan that's easy to follow (and stick to). I've still been running with Linda after work a few times a week, and we've even got another one of our coworkers to go with us now! Running with Linda has covered my two 30 minute runs that I need to get in during the week.

I've also been going to Team RWB meet ups on Wednesday evenings. The Wednesday meet-ups are about an hour long. We all warm-up together, and then do our own thing for about 30 minutes, then meet up to cool down and walk back to the parking area together. Unfortunately, I have not been able to make it the past few weeks, but hopefully next week!! I also ordered a Team RWB shirt (youth size, they're still out of women's) and a Sweaty Band, which should be here within the next few days!

(After a Team RWB meet-up with Nita! I'm rocking my #TeamrunDisney shirt)

Nita and I have also fallen into the routine of doing our long training runs together on the weekend. This has been GREAT! It's nice to meet up with her, especially if I don't see her during the week, and we can catch up on each other lives while running. A few weeks ago we did 8 miles, and this past Monday (since I was tired from the wedding on Sunday) we were supposed to run 7, but we only managed 4. It was so humid, and there were SWARMS of gnats!! After running through about 3 swarms, I had had enough. I could feel them hitting my head, and I'm sure they were in my hair. One even flew into Nita's eyes, so after that we decided we were going to be done at 4 miles (Hey, it's better than nothing!).

This weekend I'm running in a Superhero 5K, so I need to hit Pinterest up for some costume ideas. I'm also running the Avengers Half in November at Disneyland, so I'll need to figure something out for that at some point as well.

QOTD: If you were or are running in a Superhero/Avengers race, what would you dress up as? Superhero? Sidekick? Villain?

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