Sunday, October 19, 2014

Getting My Life Back

The boards are over!!! That's right, I sat for my exam Saturday, October 4th, and am relieved to finally have that weight off of my shoulders. It didn't hit me right away after my exam that I was now "free" to have my life back, but it slowly crept up on me that Saturday evening, and by Sunday evening I was feeling better than ever knowing I don't have to study. It was so great to sit in bed Sunday evening and catch up on Grey's Anatomy, and not feel guilty that I wasn't studying! If you recall, I had posted that I was giving up my summer back in June to study.

The only stinker about this exam is that I won't find out whether I passed or failed until roughly Dec 15th. I received a print out that stated I'd receive an email notifying me that my results would be available online on my account. That being said, I have a little more than 60 days of freedom until I find out my fate. In all honesty, I feel the exam went well. And even though I told myself I would NOT do this, I sat at work one day last week and looked up some of the answers to questions that had me second guessing myself. Of the questions I looked up, I only got one wrong, and the correct answer was the other option I was going between, so I can't feel too bad about that. If it turns out I failed the exam, I will just reapply and sit again next spring, at least I know what to expect the next time around. However, I choose not to worry about that until I know for sure.

Next, can I please just brag about the amazing people I have in my life? I realize that I've been MIA on my blog for much of the summer and fall (due to my exam as you know). Not only have I been MIA on here, but I also was to my friends. I had not seen Mel and Nita (other than at the Rochester Marathon Relay) since our trip to Disneyland in August. That was particularly rough on me, especially during the last week when my anxiety was getting the best of me, and I nearly had a meltdown the Monday before my exam. Work has been busy, and my supervisor knew I had been stressing about the upcoming exam. When I walked into work the Thursday before my exam, she had left me a card with encouraging words and a Starbucks gift card to treat myself after the exam!

The Friday before my exam, I pulled into my driveway, and I had a box sitting on my front step. My friend, Mel, had eluded to the fact that something would be sitting there and not to be alarmed. I brought the box inside and opened it. Inside I found a card with little notes of encouragement from Mel and Nita, along with a bunch of my favorite snacks, a candle and some cute Frozen items! I was so overwhelmed with the kind gesture from my friends. I'm so very fortunate.

(Seriously, the best friends EVER!)

Now that my freedom is back I have so much to get back to. Running being one of those things. I have not been keeping up with my training schedule, especially during the month of September, which is surely going to hurt me during the Jazz half at the end of the month! Mom and I will be flying to New Orleans for our first time (and her first half), and I can't wait! So much to experience in the 5 or so days we'll be there! Beignets, beignets, beignets!

Last week I also treated myself to a new pair of running sneakers. I have been running in Mizunos, and so when I went to try on new sneakers, I wore my old Mizunos so they knew what to look for. The guy helping me at Medved brought out a few pairs of stability sneakers, and the first pair he pulled out were a gorgeous pair of Mizunos. Not the same pair I had currently been running in, but very similar. He said the only difference is that there is more cushioning in the new pair. I tired on a few other brands to compare, but there was no comparison. The Mizunos are so light, and I feel like I'm running on a cloud. The sales associate also said that people who run in Mizunos often only run in Mizunos, and he wasn't going to try to get me to switch brands.

(Love at first sight)

Last Sunday, Nita and I went for a long run. It was nice to get out and run with her again. I had joined her once in September as a part of her 20 mile training run. She ran 15 miles, then I met her for the last 5 miles. She had to run 8 this past weekend as her last long run before her marathon which was today (and she finished, success)! We ended up running just a touch over 7.5 miles.

(Post long run with roomie!)

I also wore my new sneakers for a test run, and I love them! I had a 10K this afternoon with my mom and I wore them again. It's awesome that I have ZERO PAIN running in Mizunos, they're just amazing. I'm hoping I can get them broken in enough before my half Nov 1st. As for the 10K, it was my mom's first official 10K. We finished in 1:20ish, and I stayed with her for the race. It was chilly, cloudy and breezy, but overall a beautiful course. I'm hoping I can catch up on my race recaps now, I'm so behind!