Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Enjoy Every Moment: You Never Know When Things Might Change

After my presentation last week, I set a new goal (or plan) for the next 2 weeks - to pack as much fun and friends into 2 weeks as humanly possible (without getting sick). I wanted to spend as much time with my friends and family as I could, and enjoy the time I had left before my surgery.

Monday evening was my first weeknight not working on my presentation in weeks. It was a little strange to be honest. I did a little cleaning, some laundry, and finally went grocery shopping (which was something I was neglecting). Tuesday, I went for a run after work with Linda, as always it was nice to get out with her and catch up! We have our usual 3 mile loop that we do. Once I got home that evening, I actually did relax. I may have even fallen asleep on the couch at like 7:30, I think the weekend was finally catching up with me.

Wednesday was our weekly Team RWB run. I met up with Nita at our teams usual spot, and our friend Ashley also made it out with her adorable daughter. We walked up to the reservoir and started our intervals as we all caught up. I asked the ladies how our friends baby shower was as I was unable to attend since it was the same day as my presentation. They filled me in, and I filled them in on my weekend. After our run Nita and I went out to dinner at Red Robin (Yumm)! I had been looking forward to that for days! It was great to get out and catch up with Nita, we usually see each other at least once a week, and it had been a few weeks since we had seen each other.

(Enjoying the sun at our weekly Team RWB run!)

Thursday and Friday I decided to relax and clean. My parents were coming up on Saturday, so I wanted to make sure things were in order for the weekend. We had a long list of things we wanted to get done around the house. Friday I also received an email that season 4 of Baby Daddy was now on Netflix, so I basically binged on that Friday night as well. 

Saturday morning I went out to Dryer Road Park with a friend to try out some of the mountain biking trails. I bought my bike last fall and had yet to get out on it. Well, you should have seen me trying to get my bike into the back of my car, that was an adventure in itself!

The picture does not depict how ridiculous it looked in my car. I had to bungee cord the trunk down to the bike and the latch of the trunk, so the lid wouldn't fly up when I was driving to the park. You can see how the truck is still ajar in the pic. Any way, I made it to the park just fine, and we headed to the trails. I should also note that I have also never been to an actual park with trails. I have been on the canal path, and out to Black Creek Park to ride, that's it. How quickly I realized how out of shape I actually am (Note to self: more cross training). We went down and around a few trails before we realized at the bottom of one of the trails we had to turn around and go back up. Oh crap. So, basically I pushed my bike all the way back up the trail to the clearing.

By the time we did that, my heart rate was sky high and I was breathing pretty heavily, so I asked to sit in the grass for a few minutes to recover. While sitting there, I had mentioned this was one of the reasons why my cardiologist wanted me to have surgery. Along with needing the valve, and repairing the rest of my congenital defect; my heart rate jumps up rather quickly, even with the amount of running I do. My cardiologist had mentioned that was one thing about my metabolic stress test that he didn't particularly like. I'm trying to make a mental note of how I feel when I do these things pre-surgery, so I can compare how much different (and hopefully better) I feel after surgery. I recovered, and we were off again. We headed back towards the parking area, and packed up for the day. My friend so kindly showed me how to take the front tire off my bike so it would fit in my car. {Epiphany!}

There is SO much I do not know about mountain biking, but it's still all so new to me, so I have a lot to learn. I enjoyed getting out in the sun to ride my bike, even though I felt like I was holding my friend back. They could have covered more ground without me trailing behind. Still, I was thankful for all the tips and tricks. I headed home and waited for my parents to arrive. We didn't do a whole lot of house work on Saturday because they didn't get there until the afternoon, but we went to the mall and went out to a nice dinner at Bonefish Grill.

Sunday morning we got up and I made us all waffles, and then we got right to work. We covered a lot of ground on Sunday. My dad put up my blinds in the living room windows, patched some holes in the living room and bathroom, he helped me move the TV stands that I have. We put up 4 shelves in the living room. I mowed my lawn and put down weed killer, then my dad sprayed a moss killer, put down fertilizer, planted flowers and mulched for me. Needless to say, by the time they left Sunday evening I was exhausted.

The first week was a success, I packed quite a bit in there. Monday night I went out to dinner with some of the ladies from work. My coworker set up a really nice dinner for us at a place called Ember Grill since it is my last week at work. We had a great time and the food was phenomenal!! I can't wait to go back again.

(With the ladies at Ember)

(The aftermath of our dinner, haha)

This week was supposed to be much of the same packed with family and friends, that is until I received a call from Pediatric Cardio-thoracic surgery yesterday...

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